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Fade Away

Fade Away

It’s now that i realise why people try so hard,

to keep their culture and tradition alive.

It’s now that i realise why people fear,

that they might just end up being forgotten.

Because it’s now that i see,

that the city we built from the pieces of our conversations.

That the libraries which had all our secrets

enclosed tight in the old rusty books,

And that those playgrounds which had

witnessed our endless joys,

Are continuously fading away with the passage of time.

I keep on trying to prevent our universe from breaking,

But you…. You just left

even before i realised.

But don’t worry as always i’ll manage things.

I’ll make sure to live with the shattered pieces of our dreams,

Hurting and stabbing me as i’ll try to keep them intact.

So that maybe someday

when you happen to come across this street,

You can still find me waiting too see you smile.


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10 thoughts on “Fade Away

  1. True. It is really heartbreaking when you look back and realise that everything and everyone that meant something to you is gone. People tend to bask in the pop culture and are afraid to hold on, because of fear that the things that they do hold on to will be sieved through their hands like sand.

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