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Churdhar : An Unforgettable Trek

Churdhar : An Unforgettable Trek

Churdhar : An Unforgettable Trek – Churdhar is located in Sirmour district of himachal Pradesh which is a indian state. It is situated at an altitude of 3647 m and is also the highest peak in Sirmour district. Churdhar is a holy place which is related with Shri Shirgul Maharaj also known as Chureshwar Maharaj. The people who lives there has a religious significanace of this place. People come her from the different states of india.

In the last week of may i also went to churdhar with some of my friends. It was an awesome trip. Here i will share my personal experience during this trek. I captured many photos during that trek and some of them i shared here.

Day 1 :

There are two main routes through which we can approched to this place. These routes are from Nohradhar, Sirmour of 14 km and Sarain, Chaupal of 8 km. We chose path of Sarain for this trek. On 25th May we took bus for Sarain at 11:30 AM from shimla. We arrived at Sarain in the evening time. At that night we stayed at Bijat Maharaj temple. The facility to stay there was very good and even at very low cost. At night around 9:00 PM, we ate the dinner in the “Langer”.

Day 2 :

In the next day on 26th May we started our trek towards Churdhar from Sarain village. We completed the trek almost in 3 and half hours. During this trek we enjoyed a lot. We reached at a temple near the Churdhar peak around 11:00 AM. It was the temple of Lord Shiva. We took the blessing there and moved toward the Churdhar peak. We reached at Churdhar peak around 12 O’ clock. I was really amazed with the site from the peak. It was very peaceful over there.

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There is also a interesting fact about this place. The Pujari (priest) of the temple told us about the story that, in ancient time people’s are able to see hell from this place. At the top of this peak there is a hole which contain water and through which you can see directly hell. But due to some reason that hole is totally covered with “Shiv Ling”. It was believed that people are getting scared of this due to this hole is totally covered and never opened again.

After that we took the blessing of Chureshwar Maharaj and while returning, we ate lunch at the “Langer”.

After lunch we rested there for half an hour and we enjoyed the site around the temple. Around 3 O’ clock we came back towards the Sarain village and we reached at village almost in 1 and half hour. On that day we stayed at Bijat Maharaj temple in Sarain and on next day we took a bus to shimla.

All i want to say that it was an awesome trek. It is a remarkable trek for me. The experience is totally amazing and i personally recommend to all visit there and feel the peace and natural beauty of mountains.

Thanks to all readers, soon i will post a new article about my travel experience.

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  2. There are too many beautiful places in India! I want to see it all. We are going to Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore National Park and Jaipur in October ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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