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Blessed That It’s You

So here is the new poety "Blessed That It's You". Blessed That It's You It's 12 noon The entire university is just rampaging here and there during the lunch hour. Sitting near the staircase obsessing life forms As they crawl and run in the university ground.   In a moment full of solitude, You look into my eyes with solace

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Goodbye Goodbye I still remember when we said good_bye, Falling short on words. How our low voices, Took each other names. I remember the tune our heartbeats played, Asking us to stay. I remember how a single good_bye, Made us suffocate. Remember those tears which rolls down Your cheeks? I witnessed our crystal dreams falling of your cheeks. I still remember when we said

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If Only

If Only You liked her, She liked you. You found her cute, Even she found you cute. You talked to her And eventually , You thought that you were in love. So, you proposed her. But well i guess this is where you went wrong. See also : Goodbye If only. If-only, you would have spared some time for meeting her demon. I repeat, If-only

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